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Metaverse is the next step in digital transformation. The vision is that virtual and real goods will merge and be used equally in everyday life. Behind the Metaverse is a social media platform that is structured differently for each end user depending on the references. The new 3D technology creates a "digital parallel world". Metaverse is there for fun and also to make money. You can interact, live or work there with an avatar you create. For example, areas such as feeds, ads, stories, monetisation of content and telegram functions can be displayed in different houses.


Reference project in Metaverse by Devla

In our illustrated project, we built the Metaverse as a seafront promenade with malls and Cavalli towers. Each building is a coaching area and has different floors with different providers.

Each coach can then offer their products in the area via the 2D Copecart checkout. The city will be rebuilt for each end user based on their preferences. Each building is rented out through Copecart – Should the areas be set up for buses, these must be purchased through the Metaverse facility.

Each further sale is then made via Copecart. There are higher prices for the Copecart product due to the higher value for Copecart’s direct customers. You can easily earn money in the city by advertising coaching on house walls.

There is also the possibility of integrating other activities for end users (B2C) in the city, which can be paid for with your own token.

We have created a strong media presence here through the first metaverse for coaches. The clear advantage is that more traffic is generated and brand awareness increases significantly.


Getting the detailed specifications


Defining the tasks


Getting the right UX and UI


Rendering the 3D models


Coding the behaviour and connecting the the 3D models with the UI


Implementation of 3D models using Three.js and Babylon.js libraries


Creation of the structure and API routes by backend developers (PHP with Laravel framework)


Connecting of the API with the UI.


Detailed quality assurance of the project


Customer presentation and release

Our specialist team for Metaverse

Our team consists of reliable project managers and developers who deliver professional quality thanks to their many years of experience in development.


In a nutshell

  • We have 20 out of 60 developers who can develop on the Babylon.js framework for Metaverse
  • We are one of the few partners that trains its own Metaverse developers and its
    trains own crypto developer
  • Our 19 backend/crypto developers have 3 years of experience building
    Smart Contracts and have already built a total of 4 own tokens with contracts behind them
  • We are one of the few partners who, due to many years of experience in both
    areas, crypto and metaverse

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Make money with Metaverse

With Metaverse and the development of NFT and cryptocurrencies, it is much easier to buy and sell products. Here are some examples of how to make money:

  • Play to earn

    These games are based on the blockchain. Users earn money with them by playing the game themselves or by purchasing and trading game-based items.

  • Invest in Metaverse cryptos

    The growth potential of virtual places with millions of users is massive. One investment opportunity are the cryptocurrencies of the respective metaverse.

  • Investing in Metaverse stocks

    Invest in stocks of Metaverse-focused companies.

  • Investments in the underlying technology
    Majority of the Metaverses is based on the Ethereum network.
  • Invest in NFT

    NFT are unique and cannot be reproduced. Proof of ownership is in a smart contract on the blockchain. For example, they can be land, clothing, or items that can be bought and sold.

  • Online parties or concerts

    Activities can be organized by buying land and constructing buildings. Tickets can then be sold for participation in these events.

  • Investments in virtual land

    Users exchange fiat currencies for the cryptocurrencies of the various metaverses in order to buy virtual properties. With ever-increasing interest in the respective projects, the prices also increase.

  • Marketing of advertising space

    A metaverse can replicate any activity in the real world, so the ways in which users can engage with each other are endless. The same applies to companies, brands and products. Placing billboards on virtual land. Product placements in virtual shops, fitness studios etc. or product presentations as a virtual influencer.

  • Virtual coaching

    Trainers can sell their courses there through virtual offices or practice areas.

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Metaverse for the B2B and B2C market

Companies that are already fundamentally dealing with the integration of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) into operational processes will:

  • Have a clear innovative lead in a few years
  • Save costs and increase profit
  • work more efficiently
  • be more attractive to new employees and customers

We’ll show you more examples of the benefits of using Metaverse in relation to different areas.

  • Metaverse at work

    Imagine rooms in a virtual world that are designed according to your individual wishes. For example, after creating your avatar, you can switch on the webcam and microphone so that you can personally take part in conferences or customer appointments. Above all, this saves you travel expenses. But all sorts of virtual events or training and further education can also take place in this world, as well as the possibility of screen sharing, the insertion of images, videos and links.

  • Metaverse for the industrial sector

    A service technician receives instructions for assembly or disassembly through the AR glasses. It is shown in how he has to tackle what and what tools he needs. In this way, he can easily reorder spare parts if necessary and knows how to install the parts. The special feature here is that employees with less know-how can be deployed more effectively. But the simulation of investment decisions in the company, such as a new machine in the car production line, is also an advantage.

  • Retail Metaverse

    Shopping and grocery stores can also be built in the metaverse. Sellers can offer their entire product range including the respective product information. Payment is via cryptos.

  • Metaverse for medical technology

    Imagine you want to go to the doctor but don’t necessarily want to leave the house. The Metaverse also offers a clever solution here. You visit the doctor’s office online and are treated by a doctor. With the help of AR glasses, doctors can communicate with their patients and then treat them. Your medical record will be digitized and your doctor will be able to see it.

  • Sports and leisure activities in the Metaverse

    In the metaverse you can meet up with friends over long distances, play together on various community platforms or practice your favorite sport activity. The possibilities for sports and leisure activities are diverse in the Metaversum.

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About Devla

Devla is an innovative and young company based in southern Germany with subsidiaries in Croatia and Bosnia.

We specialize in:

  • App Solutions
  • Structure of Metaverse (3D)
  • Creation of Web Applications & Shopware 5/6 systems



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